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Modern Design

Hudson River Modern

This residence sits on the top of steep slopes on the Hudson River. The challenge was to figure out how to fit a swimming pool into the landscape for a reasonable cost.  Karen worked closely with the homeowners to design a swimming pool space in the front yard and a new driveway. The pool is completely hidden from the road and vehicular access to the site. Setting the pool lower than the existing landscape drains stormwater away from the house, provides more privacy, and creates the opportunity for a raised planting bed with a fountain wall.

Modern Hamptons Estate

This two-acre property sits on a bend in Heady Creek, in the Village of Southampton. Karen worked with the architects and interior designer to create outdoor spaces that celebrate the beautiful water views.  Patios were created at the same level as the first floor of the home, set above the one hundred year flood elevation, to create a seamless meeting of indoor and outdoor spaces. The fireplace and hot tub were sited at opposite ends of the patio. The hot tub was sited in a way to create a pleasing focal element, with large steps for seating around it. It steps down to be closer to the pool but is still high enough to view over the pool to the surrounding natural environment. There was originally a pond in the front yard, but it had dilapidated to a mud pit in recent years. Karen worked with an engineer and landscapers to turn the pond into a rain garden that stores storm water as it empties into the adjacent creek. This allowed the creation of a large lawn to complement the clean, modern aesthetic of the home. Plantings and gardens were created that serve various purposes. A vegetable and herb garden was installed along the kitchen, outdoor barbecue side of the patio to provide the clients with fresh salad greens, herbs and tomatoes during the growing season. In early spring, Daffodils and Grape Hyacinth  light up this garden. Terraces were carefully constructed to create ideal planting beds for various types of plants. Evergreen and quicker growing deciduous screen planting was designed to completely obscure the neighboring property immediately during summer months. Slower growing evergreen shrubs were planted under the Birch trees to eventually provide all-season screening.

Modern in the Country

This six acre property is located in Hamptonburgh, New York.   Karen was responsible for designing the front entrance to the home, parking court, swimming pool space, entrance walls, and plantings. The project started with a front walkway to the new home and a modification to the existing driveway to create a parking court for guests.  The home-owners love clean, modern design with crisp lines and forms.  Karen worked closely with the homeowners to create spaces in harmony with the client’s aesthetic, the home and the property.  Karen designed a swimming pool space apart from the home to serve as a private retreat in their own backyard.  She worked closely with an architect to create an open pool house.  She designed the trellis structure and the patio areas, along with all the plantings.  A deer fence was installed around the entire property. Karen designed the gate and front entrance to the property. Plantings are simple and elegant.  Karen and the home owner visited the nursery so the home owner could help pick out the special plants.  Native trees were used along with Japanese Maples and a Purple European Beech, chosen to provide focal points and color in the landscape. 

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