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Since 1989, we at KALA, a woman-owned business enterprise, have worked on a diverse range of residential, commercial and municipal projects. Several of our residential and commercial projects involved the development of green infrastructure solutions for stormwater management, environmentally sensitive site design, and sustainable planting design. We achieve desired results through a synergistic approach to design including visual impact assessment, site development, land planning, and detailed site design. Our design work has won awards and our projects have been published in magazines including Public Works and Builder.


KALA works closely with each client to develop a program for the site that meets both functional and aesthetic needs. The firm specializes in developing sustainable and timeless landscapes which celebrate the intrinsic spirit and beauty of each site while meeting the client's desires for the site.



We begin the design process with a discussion of the client’s desires for their landscape while we walk, taking note of special features and landscape types. Next, we collect all available information including surveys, architectural drawings, etc.  We evaluate existing natural features, including trees, rock outcrops, drainage patterns, topography, and vegetation types. We note cultural features including buildings, stone walls and monuments. After studying these site features, we conceptualize a preliminary landscape plan to incorporate the client’s wish list.  This plan may include hardscape elements such as walkways, steps, walls, patios, and site improvements such as driveways, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and sports courts.


Upon completion of the preliminary plan, we meet with the client at the site to review and visualize the design and observe site features once again.  We discuss potential changes and ways to improve the plan while remaining cognizant of budgetary constraints. We find a detailed discussion and brainstorming session at this point in the process allows us a more in-depth understanding of the client and the property and together we generate ideas to enhance the design.


We take this information back to the office and prepare the landscape master plan. This plan includes proposed grades for work items, stormwater solutions, material selections, and planting design.  We prepare detailed drawings of site improvements as necessary.   


KALA prepares drawings and represents the client at planning board, architectural review and zoning board meetings whenever approvals are necessary.  KALA has a proven track record of approvals in many towns with strict regulations.  Many boards value plans prepared by a registered landscape architect.


The end result is the creation of a functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing landscape in harmony with the existing site where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  

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